Wednesday, March 19, 2008


New Governor and Wife Talk of Past Affairs

That's the title of the article in the NY Times today..Are you freaking kidding me????...Isn't this the same jerk off who said just Monday?(Just after he was sworn in) that we should all put this behind us ,mend fences ,and move on to more important things??? Zoinkies!!!! I'm a bit lost for words on this one..
Ordered Chinese food tonight..Wonton Soup-Kung-po -my buddy Damo..he got Orange chicken..
So when the food came ...Everything was groovy but Damo's Orange chicken..well it was now Lemon..So we call the "Pine House Kitchen" at the Beverly Connection ..Hey I'm just telling ya where it is ?..In case you were wondering that's all..I kid ,I kid, I kid......Anywho's it....The Ringlish Reaking woman...who answered the rone..Said thats what we ordered,and she wasn't going to bring Orange chicken...We both got on the phone with China-Love and despite every rational approach we took..Including "We didn't order Lemon Chicken" and "Isnt the Rustomer always Wight?" Even asked just for Orange sauce..Well I regret to say.....The end result...
Pine House Kitchen -$39.63
Damo & Evan -0 (Orange Chicken)
I thus had to listen to Damo bitch in his Australian Accent about how shitty the people are that work there..Blah blah..Never again..Blah Blah....I chimed .."You should "Tar and Feather "that woman???....He of coarse loved that Idea...:)
Maybe I should Give "John Adams" a shot ???..hmmmmm


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