Monday, March 17, 2008

St.Patricks Day

The strike is over now, and I have one less thing to freak out about..I have been working on different shows and Movies quite a bit,so I don't have anything to whinge about..I'm
Currently watching John Adams precisely as I thought..Snorsville.... hence me writing in this blog..Geez these Guys and there white wigs!!!
Gas prices are going through the roof..or as they say in Chicago RUFF!!!! Gold is clearly there already,and I'm praying gas doesn't get as expensive as Gold.....Cuz that would SUCK ..big time, since I drive a V8...and I'm not talking Tomato Juice..
John Mc Cain ????..Really??? Really ?..Seriously????..I guess I'm not surprised ,but Shouldn't this Guy be Writing a Book..Going on a Tour ( speaking engagement)..and then opening a Library ????....
Oh wait this little HBO movie just got better..Its 5th Grade all over again..Or was it 4th Grade??.... Boston Tea party time,and this Poor Bastard is Getting Tarred and Feathered..Which P.S I don't know if any of you have ever realized???? But the tar is Scolding HOT!!!! can anyone say 3rd Degree Burns???...That really is gonna be a bitch to get off..Things are getting a bit dicey in Beantown..
I haven't been out in a while,its seems to have lost a bit of its appeal..Going to a bar, waiting outside getting drinks spilled on me,and having Duechbags talk about there stupid careers that they don't have...ehhhhh..I think I'm going to sit this one out for a bit...But I'm presuming I will get over that as well soon too......
Headed back to NY Friday..Mom has been very sick, its Easter and I'm not sure how many of
them are left for all of us..Its been a a bit depressing lately with her being as ill as shes been..I can only hope she gets better ....But unfortunately I know the final result...That true reality hangs heavy on my head...So if any of you are lucky enough to still have your mothers still around ?..Call her now and tell her you love her...