Friday, March 24, 2006

Bubblegum in the Babies Hair-Sweet Potatoes in the Lazy Chair !!!

KJUG-FM,FROGS,CRICKETS,MOTEL 6 AND MCDONALD'S.... These are just a few things that I endured over the last three days,on location one hour northwest of Bakersfield..

1)The Motel 6- Speaks for itself(cheap prodution company..At a truck stop no less!!!..mmm Goodie for me....

2)The Frogs and Crickets in the creek behind the hotel so loud I couldn't sleep,Oh and the trucks flying by on the 5 in front.

3)Whats a good truck stop without your favorite burger place..?? "Double Quarter with cheese" ..In laymens terms ..." Number 3 PLEEEEEEAAASSSSSEEEE"

4)KJUG-FM The Only station that came in on my radio...Yup its all in the name huh? ....IM not Surprised...

5)3:30 am call times..and 18 hour days..

6) Three Carlsberg and two Benadryl later Evans sleeping ..

7) Getting paid for this experience...???..You bet your ever lovin ASS I was...

Secrest Out !!!

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t said...

awww you poor baby, SUCK IT UP :)