Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Worst Season Ending Ever "Sopranos"

So let me get this straight..Every fan of the show,including me(I'm a new one),waited SIX SEASONS for Onion Rings???? Did you or did you NOT think..... that the Cable went out???..This is what the Writer and Executive producer (P.S. The guy who Created the show) came up with as the Ending of the most Popular show HBO has ever had!!!...Very impressive..
At the End the Show right before the ending scene,the show Goes Black...??? What kind of Elementary Film School Parlor trick is that ??..He clearly didn't have the balls to end it in a Good or a Bad way.Hmmm ?????...Is someone waiting for the Movie in a couple of Years??????...David Chase you will always be remembered by this ..It will become a Urban Joke..."Don't be lame and go out on me like the Sopranos last episode.." or " WHOA What happened?? Did The CABLE Just Go out ???? Nope its just the last Episode of the Sopranos"
But I guess the last joke is really on everyone Who Supported the show since it started...Because the only Loyalty Mr. Chase has is obviously to himself, because its clearly not with his Fans!!!!!