Friday, June 15, 2007

Sony Considers PS3 price Cut

Howard Stringer: Sony "studying" PS3 price cut

Not that there's ever been a mainstream game console or gadget that didn't eventually go down in price, but PlayStation fans not ready to plunk down the up to $800 sticker price for a new PS3 can take heart. Sony's Howard Stringer did confirm that Sony is looking at ways to bring down the price on its monolith at some point down the road -- probably way, way down the road -- but unfortunately there wasn't much more to it than that. We know Stringer wants to drop the price on the thing, but as usual one shouldn't expect any formal pre-announcements of price cuts on hardware the company's struggling to make a dime off of.

This article was on today..Its the Bible for Nerds..
...Looks as if Xbox 360 and the Wi have really hurt Sony...Like we all didn't see this coming??....Shocker!!! betting there will be more then one price cut..