Saturday, June 10, 2006

CrakBerry& World Cup

Oh geez I went and done it..Yuppers ..Bought a BlackBerry..and I cant seem to put the fucker down..Well since I dont have any vice's ...This is could be mine..Things are heating up here,and Im leaving for Germany in 6 days..Go USA...Thats about as sports crazy as I get...
If I dont act like Im excited all day long everyday..Yoshi (My partner in crime on this World Cup trip) Will execute me Japanese style!!!!!..So Im stoked!!!!.. Anyway I will try to update as things go..I do wish Michelle could figure out the sign in process with this site ,and add some of her fantastic writing skills.. Oh could one of you tell me how to put all my friends Blogs in a spot I can get to them..Im freaking clueless..

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Kym and Michael said...

love the blog! more photos, more photos!!! whenever i need a little evan rant, i know where to go :)