Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Watch out for Prius Drivers !!!!

Watch out For PRIUS DRIVERS !!!!!!!

Uhhh I google Pruis drivers..
and I get this headline!!!..(Read Below)Classic..I was going to let you know my mounting frustrating with these fucking people..
Here's a little Test,pay attention for the next week,while you're driving obviously.Watch Prius drivers,I bet you will have at least one or two problems with the way they drive..Maybe more???...
1)you will either get stuck behind one driving 5 mph-(which happens everyday to me)
2)one will cut you off
3) erratic behavior..talking on phone(even Though the car comes with Bluetooth)

Then at the end of the week,get back to me and let me know what you think..
Heres two of the numerous article I found when I Googled Prius Drivers(sans Bad-Hate-Suck)

Thank you! I just did a Google search about this and I found this site. I thought it was just a coincidence and since I’m not one to generalize I let it go. But the other day, when I nearly got run off the road by a prius driver who did not use his blinker and whose idea of a lane change is more of a gradual drift I decided it is really true. Prius drivers are the worst out there, worse even than BMW drivers who are also quite bad, but for different reasons. At least a BMW driver who cuts you off KNOWS he did so. My boss owns a prius and I noticed he just doesn’t really pay attention to the road. I also noticed that the more political bumper stickers the prius has, the worse the driver. Perhaps these guys are just preoccupied with everything. Who knows but it is true.

  1. jason Says:

    You have to own a Prius for over 5 years before you see any monetary benefits from the premium that you spent on the hybrid; so the whacked thinking that somehow you’re saving money is the same whacked thinking that makes Prius drivers whacked at driving as well. I have been cut off by more Prius than I care to remember, but my sweeping “generalazations” saved my life. I was riding my motorcycle and saw a prius at an intersection that had a stop sign and watched the Prius roll through the stop sign and cut me off. Luckily I knew the Prius was going to do that bone head move and had already prepared for this. If I would have not generalized, I would be in the hospital now.

  2. Sorry I couldnt resist this ONE..I found this after I just looked for a picture on Google of a Prius..I love it ...:)

  3. I Hate Prius Drivers

    Friday, August 18th, 2006

    I hate Prius drivers. I hate them for two reasons:

    1. Prius drivers are bad drivers. They seem to fall into two categories:
      1. The malnourished vegans whose underdeveloped myelin sheaths aren’t keeping the signals in the proper axons. These free thinkers drive against convention down one-way streets. Their goldfish memory keeps them constantly surprised by pedestrian obstacles.
      2. The technologically-fascinated compulsives who obsessively drive 40MPH in the carpool lane to achieve a best score on that nifty “high MPG” game installed in the dash. With cell phones glued to their heads, they re-up by regenerative braking a half-mile before a green light because they know it will be red by the time they get there.
    2. Prius drivers are smug. They’re not BMW smug though. I can tolerate BMW smug. BMW drivers have that “I have so much money that my penis must be larger than yours” smugness. That’s actually cute. Prius drivers, on the other hand, have that “I saved the world today by buying a hybrid and you didn’t so you’re going to have to tolerate the fact that I’m a bad driver and you go sit in the corner while I molest little children” smugness (remember…the myelin thing). It’s unwarranted and creepy.

    It is unfortunate that I hate Prius drivers for, as I’ve mentioned, I live in Palo Alto: Prius Capital of the World. Our homeless drive Priuses. Our homeless’ homeless dogs drive Priuses. You’d think we were Toyota’s Verplanck, New York.

    I’ve decided to derive as much entertainment from the Prius Drivers Suck phenomenon as possible. Therefore, I vow to blog every damaged Prius I can find. Let’s start with this one:

    The filename reveals that I have high hopes for this topic.

    Almost the archetype, the only problem with this specimen is that the damage is limited to the rear. This may instill some doubt as to whether the Prius driver was at fault. Let me assure you that, without a doubt, this was incurred when the driver backed up in the carpool lane on highway 101 to see whether the MPG score could go negative.

    Please note the prominent placement of the No Dubya sticker. Not that I’m a Bush fan, but it takes a Prius driver to really piss you off with a bumper sticker. “Nuke a gay whale for Christ” is less offensive. It’s not the sticker itself…it’s the fact that this driver, who you know has no real political insight, proudly displays an emblem of meaning meaninglessly. It’s like if a bubbly blonde trophy wife were to wear an Odyssey of the Mind T-shirt because she heard it was cool. Oh wait…no…that would be funny.

    I know. I’m being arrogant. We all have our vices. Mine are arrogance and explosively crapping myself in public. That’s still better than driving a Prius.