Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Drive By Mitzvah !!!!!!

Yup thats right,I was just running along like I always do,minding my own business ,and as I came upon the corner of Detroit and Oakwood..I was approached by a young jew...and if anyone knows anything
about the hasidic's??..they tend to mind there own business.,as in they never talk to anyone that isn't a jew...So you could Imagine my surprise when young Abraham or Effrom (not sure his real name) Starting talking to me about giving me a Mitzvah!!!..
Sidebar-If anyone knows me,they know that I dont take well to people just walking up t me on the street and dumping there shit on me.So for some reason,maybe it was the half Jew in me..I decided to go ahead with the prayer and get Mitzvahed!!!...Before I knew it ,this young chap,busted out a Yamika plopped it on my sweaty head..Remember I was in the middle of a run.so then the this other guy and I held prayer in the middle of the street corner for 5 minutes..When it was over he blessed me once again,and then poof I was on my way..It was truly a good experience...
I have enclosed a picture of a young Hasidic..He wasnt the one that I met
but he looked cool,and he has a Little De Niro in him if you look close..