Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yerba Mate

I have been a devoted coffee drinker for quite some time now,but when someone I worked with suggested I try Yerbe Mate not to long ago,I just kinda shrugged and said "ehh isn't it that stuff the Argentine's drink? "Some odd Jungle mixture or somthin right ??..lol.. ..
So this guy(Brian would be his name) poured me some of the tea like substance and handed it on over..I.... a wee bit indecisive, took the cup and started to drink..Well let me just state one thing,its not the most amazing thing at first,it tastes a bit like Burnt tea.But then again when I first tried coffee it tasted like crap..
So..Anyway I get the proverbial "now Evan don't drink too much of this stuff! " It has a way of creeping up on you"..I'm like huh?..is it haunted or something?..Hes like "no it just comes on gradually " IT DOESN'T HIT YOU ALL AT ONCE LIKE COFFEE DOES". he didn't actually yell at me,my caps button got stuck and I'm too lazy to go back and fix it..I'm sure for all you grammatical people this Blog in General must drive you mad!! tee-hee:) Ok back to what I was saying..Of coarse I don't listen and I'm sure you wouldn't have either,and I proceed to down like 4-5 cups of the "Mate"(Pronounced Mahh-Tehh) (Say it like a stoner)
Cut too about and hour and a half later,and I'm starting to kinda get the drift of what he was saying.."Mate " or the Mate ...doesn't hit you all at once; it slowly kinda just Keeps you up..
FOR A LONG ASS TIME!!! ..P.S. that was no caps button mistake ..
There are no jitters or shakes its like a good even flowed BUZZ..
When I looked into the product further I found out it comes in quite a few different varieties..Chocolate-Orange-Mint etc.Here's the link if your interested .....


If your burned out on coffee,or just wanted to take a break from the Java Gods..This is a great substitute..

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