Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And the Award goes To...........

So Im covering for my friend on his show today,we are on stage ,and Im in his office..When all of a sudden this Grip knocks on the door and walks in at the same time..Lumbers over to the the phone on MY desk and says I need to use the phone....Balls HUH???..Then proceeds to make a call to his wife or girlfriend talks for a bit, hangs up,walks out, doesn't say thank you and leaves the door open!!!..BIG FUCKING BALLS HUH????..
Cut to three hours later as he Lumbers in once AGAIN... same thing knocking WHILE entering,then grabs the phone and tells me hes making a long Distance Phone Call..HOLY GARGANTUAN Woolly Mammoth BALLS!!!!!!!!! Walks out and leaves the Door open without saying thank you again!!!!....Thus he gets my FUCKING Ignorant Bastard Award for the DAY

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