Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bottle Service

When did all the Bar-Lounges switch over to Bottle service only?..Why is it that if I want to go out for a nice evening with friends..Not to get Giggi and dance my ass off at some crap club..But I nice place where old people like myself can relax and talk and enjoy some music...WHY do I have to buy a table and then buy a bottle ..and in some instences Two...Two Bottle minimum!!!..Are you high?..So basically if you do the math..the table wether its free or charged,is about a $100-250..Then depending on the bottle..$275-550...So that basically brakes down to about $800 and change,NOT including tip!!!..SO where the fuck is the fun in that??...What am I ?..Freaking PDiddy???...Now dont get me wrong I make good money and I have been know to run a few bar tabs up into the Hundreds..(like some of you already know) But I will not go out on a Sat night and drop a Grand just to relax....Are any of you going threw this ?..have you had some experience with this?..let me know..Because its really freaking bothering